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What is a Freethought Radio audio reporter?

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A Freethought Radio audio reporter is an audio journalist. A Freethought Radio audio reporter needs the ability to record from their home computer, project studio, or professional studio.

How does a FTR audio reporter report?

The FTR audio reporter will identify, write and record a story of 75-250 words that is of interest to the Freethought community. Political, religious and salacious entries are readily accepted. Also all “Who is Who”; “Who is Doing What”; and Who is Doing What to Whom” within the Atheist community is perfect. All audio must be encoded in a 128K Mp3 stereo format and submitted through the Freethought Radio website. Email for your personal username, password and personal audio file name. the first 3 reports will be scrutinized before broadcasting. All subsequent audio reports will be automatically queued. Freethought radio reserves the right to deny audio reports based on content and relevancy at any time. All reports become the property of Freethought Radio.

How does the audio get broadcasted on FTR?

When an audio file is submitted it automatically is recognized by the broadcast software and set in a queue.. This allows for very up to the minute audio reporting.

How quickly does the audio report get on the air?

It will begin broadcast within the hour.

What happens to the audio report after it is aired?

The Audio report will remain in the broadcast queue for 5 days. If the report is not overwritten with a new report from the same audio reporter with the 5 days it will be deleted.

What is autopodcasting?

The Freethought Radio audio reports will be combined with other audio reports and will be available for podcasting immediately upon submission.

Longer stories will be submitted elsewhere. this as a form of audio blogging as well